Canada Shipping Charts and Information

Canadian customers should include a GST or SIN number in the Tax ID field. This is required for the customs form (sometimes). If you do not provide one, we will still ship your order, however it may be delayed at customs.

Products are shipped out from Washington State, USA via the United States Postal Service.

Your shipping cost will be calculated during your checkout based on your location.

NOTE: You are responsible for any custom fees, import duties, etc.

You will be able to see the shipping charge BEFORE you check out.

NOTE: Shipping to Canada can take an extra 2-5 days before it ships out. Many of our products ship out of Wisconsin, but all orders to Canada ship from Washington so if you order something I don't have in stock I have to order it in first, then ship it out. Why don't we just ship it out from Wisconsin? Well, it's a pain and basically no one wants to do it anymore. In fact, I think I'm the last guy in America that will go through the paperwork to ship to Canada. Unfortunately, that means it can take a few extra days. (And no, I'm not charging Canadians anything extra for this. You pay what we pay in the USA for the product and only pay the cost of shipping that I pay (or usually less since the online calculators tend to under charge.))

Shipping Times to Canada can vary, however most orders will take from 14-21 days. We are located just south of Seattle, so if you live in British Columbia you will get your order sooner then if you are in Quebec.


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